WYW600 filling liquid level detector

WYW600 filling liquid level detector

The operational principle for WYW600 filling liquid level detector is while the filling liquid level raised up, the feedback radiation intensity from low energy photonic source also changed in accordant, from the feedback signal the liquid level can be identified, so that the filling liquid level can be controlled accurately. This technology is highly advance in the world, since it solved the weighting problem in fast running filling line, therefore it has been widely used in Food, Medicine, and Chemical (liquid type) automatic filling line.



The main technical parameters:

Line speed: ≦ 1.8m/s, 50mm diameter Can max speed is 1200cans/min

Container Diameter: 20mm~ 100mm (with different container type and diameter, the device selection differs)

Dynamic container resolution ratio: ±2mm (foam and vibration will effect the accuracy of detection)

Static liquid level accuracy: ≦0.5mm (water)

Static liquid level accuracy in 8 hrs: 0.15mm (water)

Unqualified rejection rate: ≧99% (detecting speed at 1200pcs/min)

Temperature tolerance: in the temperature range of 0~40℃, the tolerance is ≦0.25mm at testing reference temperature 20℃.

Working condition: the minimum time gap is 10ms, also the conveyor must be running at stable condition (any non-steady running will effect the measure accuracy)

Working environment: temperature 0~40℃, humidity no less than 95%

Power source: 220V ±20V, 50Hz

Power: ≦150W

Size: 530 x 150 x 350mm

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