Vacuum detector

Vacuum detector

Because the different Container internal vacuity will cause the different appearance of sealed lid, this detector adopt high precision optical component to identify the tiny size or shape difference that compare with reference parameters. After the data been processed by the central processing unit, the detector will immediately spot out the unqualified Container, and the unqualified Container will be rejected by the following cylinder pusher from the production line. This detector can be applied on all the two pieces Alu Can, three pieces TP Can, Lug Cap Jar, and other Containers that with cover lids, the key components are all from German and Japan, with easy and high efficiency operation, this detector had been widely used in many Beverage and Canned Food factories.



Application characteristics:

  1. The detected Containers must be at same parameter and lid must be sealed from same seaming machine, different parameter containers cannot be mixed together for the detection, since the performance of different seaming machine still have tiny different from each other, even the sealed Containers are in the same size.
  2. The deviation of this detector is tiny, and fine repeat-ability, when the container size need to be changed in necessary, the detector also easy to adjust the setting.
  3. The detector applied with infrared ray positioning system, it can process the detection up to 500 containers/ min (high speed type) or 300 containers/min (normal speed type).
  4. It can detect any types of Containers, no matter the Container material, just ensure that Container is covered with lids, further more, the diameter of Container shall be over 50mm.
  5. The working temperature shall be lower than 50℃.
  6. 50CM conveyor shall be provided for the detector.


The main technical parameters:

Production Capacity: 0~500cans/min

Can Diameter: Φ52.3~Φ105mm (202#~404#)

Can Height: 39~133mm


Control unit: 400 x 350 x 800mm

Detecting unit: 380 x 250 x 280mm

Weight: 0.04T

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