Rotative type Can inside washer ( For TP can)

Rotative type Can inside washer ( For TP can)

The conveyor for the washer is magnetic type, which ensure the Can bottom could stick with the conveyor. Once the Can runs into the washer, the Can will be reversed 180°, then the high pressure hot water will spray and clean the Can inner wall, following will goes to the blowing section. The sterile compressed air will blow from the nozzle to Can, to blow away the remain left over water on the wall (if applied the hot steam at blowing section, the water would be dried up not just by blowing function also by the evaporating function, meanwhile the Can would be sterilized by the hot steam). After Blowing, the cleaned Can will be reverse back to upward position and convoy to filling section.



The main technical parameters:

Material: 95% Stainless Steel, 5% Carbon Steel (the Foundation)

Production Capacity: 80~250cans/min

Can Diameter: Φ52.3~Φ80mm (202#~305#)

Conveyor running speed: 0.33m/s

Power: 0.55KW

Compress Air or Steam Pressure: 0.2Mpa

Washing Water Pressure at nozzle: >0.15Mpa

Size: 1900 x 530 x 1150mm

Weight: 0.3T

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