JQ300B  Empty Can Depalletizer

JQ300B Empty Can Depalletizer

JQ300B Depalletizer can be designed as Fully Automatic or Semi Automatic, it is for the unloading the three piece Can, two piece Alu Can, and Glass Bottle from Pallet to Production Line. The electrical parts like PLC, photoelectric switch, position switch, pneumatic controller adopt the electrical products from famous brands in German, Japan, and Taiwan.



The main technical parameters:

Production capacity: 200~600 pcs/min

Container Diameter: Φ52.3~Φ153.4mm (202#~603#)

Container Height: 39~170mm

Container pushing type: Automatic or Manual Hand push, mesh belt conveyor

Container discharging type: multiple rows switch to single row discharging

Lifting: Auto or semi-Auto

Power: 4KW

Size: 7000 x 4000 x 3000mm

Weight: 2.5T

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