GT4B18 Seaming machine

GT4B18 Seaming machine

GT4B18 seaming machine is designed for small scale Canned food producer. It is simple operation and easy to maintenance, in order to improve the vacuity, the steam type injection part can be applied as per customer’s demand, these characteristics make it to be good choice for low production Canned food and Beverage producers.



The main technical parameters:

Material: 95% Stainless Steel, 5% Carbon Steel (the Foundation)

Seaming Head: 4   

Production Capacity: 100~200cans/min

Can Height: 39~133mm

Can Diameter: Φ52.3~Φ105mm (202#~404#)

Vacuity of steam type injector: -0.025~-0.05Mpa

Motor Power: 3KW

Size: 1600 x 2400 x 2000mm

Weight: 2.5T

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